Our Services

Exceeds Expectations

MediServ strives to exceed expectations. While other companies limit themselves to products, MediServ takes great care in its after sales services. It is capable of both sub-specialty (such as lab) equipment furnishing and full-scope, comprehensive solutions for clients’ healthcare facilities, including delivery, installation, staff training, testing, functioning and after sales services, across all sectors of governmental and private healthcare.

All solutions can be interfaced with the available Hospital Information System or Divisional Information System. There are separate engineering and IT teams for each MediServ brand partner and device type, should the necessity arise.

This is because MediServ believes that business is a partnership and that partnerships mean relationships are continuous, requiring different types of services. MediServ does not want to only sell products—it wants to be a steady, reliable, staunchly professional arm for its clients.


1.Projects & Turnkey Solutions

Project scopes will vary from outfitting a subspecialty department to a, comprehensive outfitting of an entire hospital. Operating for 40+ years in the kingdom and using our knowledge and experience, Mediserv thrives in catering to the healthcare industry in the private and public sectors. We provide industry specific consultancy, deliver turnkey projects from start to completion.

While originally providing only standalone equipment, MediServ now provides fully-automated, integrated, equipped laboratories, including software and other IT requirements. The company supplies a tracking system that is accurate, live, easily accessable data, to which all devices are connected—and the system can automatically and efficiently take a sample, analyze it and return it to storage, all without human input.

Services include:

  • IconHospital/Department Outfitting
  • IconPartial furnishing
  • IconEquipments installation Testing
  • IconOn-site delivery
  • IconFully Automated Labs

2.Logistics & Supply Chain

MediServ has 5 warehouses around the Kingdom, 2 in Riyadh one of which is semi-automated warehouse at Kaden Logistic Park in Riyadh industrial area, 1 in Jeddah, 1 in Khobar, 1 in Abha.

Our warehouses are equipped up to the standard with refrigerated facility and mobile freezers that can maintain up to -20°C. The temperature inside the freezers, refrigerators, cold stores, and warehouse are monitored round-the-clock using automatic logger that records the temperature changes by the minutes and alarms when it goes beyond the logger settings.

We make sure that we deliver the goods on time anywhere in the Kingdom to achieve customer satisfaction.

  • IconWarehouse Management System
  • IconSFDA Certified
  • IconISO 9001 Certified
  • Icon+45 refrigerated trucks
  • Icon14,000 sq.m. ask
  • IconLOGIMAT SSI Schaefer solution
  • IconFIFO (First-In / First-Out) procedure

3.MediServ Healthcare Software

MediServ healthcare software is tailored to different medical fields. It is the healthcare software development team’s job to meet clients’ need for stable, efficient, reliable and secure software and to develop it properly, but fast. All solutions can interact with Hospital and Lab Information Systems.

With decades of experience under its belt, MediServ has worked with clients to develop and refine the innovative healthcare solutions they need to deliver healthcare while: – Managing Operations – Increasing Productivity – Reducing Room for Human Error – Increasing Operations Efficiency – Following Compliance Standards – Cost-efficiency

This includes:

  • IconDigitizing Daily Operations
  • IconBlood Bank Inventory
  • IconClosed Blood Transfusion Loop
  • IconBlood Specimen Collection
  • IconClosed Medication Transfusion Loop

4.After Sales Services

To ensure that our clients receive the optimum after-sales support, by high caliber well-trained engineers, in accordance to the manufacturer’s standard.

We maintain to enhance the performance on high efficacy output. Part of our role is to be in constant physical presence with our clients, provide continuous education, and clinical information to keep our partners updated with high technology development in the healthcare sector. This is to signify the client’s satisfaction and loyalty.

  • IconPlanned Preventative Maintanance
  • IconTesting & Functioning
  • IconAfter Sales Services
  • IconTraining Client Staff Members
  • IconOn-site Installation

5.Service Contracts

They are agreements with our clients to provide various services to ensure maximum system performance while maintaining high quality standards according to the manufacturer’s specification and the healthcare institution standards as well.

  • IconLabor Contracts ( P.P.M. + Emergency Visits )
  • IconComprehensive Contracts ( Spare Parts + Labor )
  • IconLabor Contracts ( P.P.M. only )
  • IconOn Demand Contracts
  • IconConsumables & Reagent Deal Contracts

Preventive Periodic Maintenance (P.P.M. )

The classification of Medical Units, the Ministry of Health has divided it into 3 Classes (A,B & C) as per contracts policy.
MediServ covers all classes.

  • Class A: •MRI, CT & Imaging Units •Ventilator, PFT & Anesthesia Units •ABBOTT, STAGO & IMMUCOR Units
  • Class B: •Bed Side Monitors, Endoscopy, Dialysis, EMG, EEG & Defibrillator Units •General Lab Units
  • Class C: •ECG, Incubator, Infusion Pump & Syringe Pump Units