ICON12 Jan 2019
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MEG, an approved NHS supplier, is a cloud-based quality management system designed specifically for healthcare. The different modules, including nursing auditsincidentriskquality improvement planningpolicies and reporting, are all conveniently managed on any device from one central place.

MEG removes the extensive paperwork and time associated with Audits and inspections. Our digital forms ensure that any detail gathered at the time of the inspection is sent immediately to the relevant parties, so they have a full picture in real-time.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Works Offline – allows you to record everything to the app when in an area of poor wifi and this will upload to the system when you can connect
  • Very Configurable – can alter questions etc. to meet your requirements
  • Amendments – if something is entered incorrectly the administration has the ability to correct the error
  • Log Improvements – after the completion of an audit you can log what needs to be improved, assign to the relevant people and give timeframes of completion (closing the loop)
  • Report Incidents Quickly – corrective/preventative action put in place
  • Document Management – accessibility rights, access control and version control
  • Reports & Dashboards – easily see where issues are. Can document and assign to the right people.

MEG integrates easily with your existing systems and the information gathered can be pulled into your Power BI solution if needed.