MediServ Code of Conduct

As a leading company in the field of medical and laboratory equipment, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals, MediServ has, over more than 40 years, developed solid business relationships with all leading healthcare institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and numerous well-known international manufacturers. At the heart of those business relationships is MediServ’s reputation for honesty and integrity.

MediServ is committed to doing business ethically. In performing their duties and responsibilities, all directors, officers, managers, employees (permanent and temporary), and contract workers of MediServ (“Covered Employees”) are expected to behave with the highest level of integrity at all times in dealing with fellow employees, customers, suppliers, or any other business partner or third party. Third parties that represent or act on behalf of MediServ – such as contractors, consultants, and other agents – must follow this Code when representing or acting on behalf of MediServ (“Covered Agents” and together with Covered Employees, “Covered Persons”).

This Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is a general statement of MediServ’s expectations and its principles for doing business. This Code should be read together with MediServ’s other policies and procedures and is not meant to replace those policies and procedures. Instead, Covered Persons should see this Code as a general statement of guiding principles that will help Covered Persons keep MediServ’s values in mind as they do business and represent MediServ before our customers, suppliers, business partners, and the wider community.

This Code applies to Covered Persons, including all branches, business units, offices, joint ventures, and affiliates, as well as all MediServ’s business activities.

MediServ expects all Covered Persons to read, understand and comply with this Code – as well as MediServ’s policies and procedures – and apply the Code to all MediServ’s business activities. MediServ also expects that all Covered Persons will:

(A) Know and understand the laws and regulations that apply to MediServ

(B) Discuss the Code and reinforce its principles

(C) Create an environment where Covered Persons can raise and report concerns without fear of retribution

(D) Raise questions, concerns, and possible violations of this Code or applicable policies, procedures, or laws to their supervisors or the Governance Department

(E) Cooperate honestly with any investigation of any potential violations. All Covered Persons should support this Code by ensuring others comply with the Code when conducting or in connection with any MediServ business activities.