Serving at MediServ for over two decades has taught me that real growth comes from developing an environment of positive reinforcement and nurturing personal ingenuity.

Amin O. Al Sanousi
Managing Director
Managing Director

MediServ, since its establishment in 1980, has overcome the tests of durability and change. It has become part of our nature as both an establishment and a community to be resilient, versatile, agile and principled. It is because of these traits that MediServ has grown to become a market leader amongst its peers. That being said, MediServ has forged strong and long-lasting relationships over the years with distinguished international partners to whom we owe our growing success.

Through collaborative effort, trust and strategy, we have successfully contributed to the Saudi healthcare system together. Our values of innovation, commitment, integrity, quality and empowerment are ingrained in our work ethic and personal lives. It is by the honest practice of these values that MediServ’s reputation in the market as a reliable and committed partner for any medical institution or entity in Saudi Arabia has been established and maintained. Healthcare is a cornerstone of social development and MediServ is proud to play its part in the development of the Saudi healthcare infrastructure for the benefit of all residing in the Kingdom. It is in our directive to give back to Saudi Arabia for the success and the opportunities it has granted us over the years; therefore, we will always give our clients and patients our highest priority and service.

Global economies and standards have evolved and we are at the edge of transformation. Easy access and rapid service are essential to the growth of the healthcare industry and MediServ has taken the necessary actions to remain ahead of the trials to come. With the guidance of Saudi Vision 2030, MediServ is eager and ready to accept the challenges of this new decade to bring global standards of healthcare to our nation, our home.