About MediServ

Mediserv Is A Dependable, Committed Supplier Of Healthcare Products And Services In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

It has a team of approximately 460 professionals working efficiently and effectively across the nation, with over 2,500 clients to its name, based in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar and Abha.

The company is proud to be entrusted by the Ministry of Health, the Saudi Ministry of Defense, Ministry of National Guards, Saudi Aramco, King Fahad Specialist Hospital and King Fahd Medical City and has entered into a joint venture agreement with Abbott Saudi Arabia.

The company makes use of five temperature controlled warehouses spread across Saudi Arabia automated, state of the art and totaling an approximate 50,000 m2 in space for optimal product storage. All materials are transported through a fleet of temperature controlled trucks, always in compliance with Saudi FDA regulations and international quality standards, with mobile freezers for special needs items requiring sub-zero temperatures for safe transportation. MediServ regularly participates in symposiums and seminars with relevant ministries and international firms to improve medical knowledge and healthcare in the country.


Our Vision

Become an integral force in the transformation of the Kingdom’s healthcare system and industry, while focusing on patient experience and care.

Our Mission

To be a partner of choice for all, geographically diverse healthcare communities and providers, while offering quintessential supplies and equipment, along with empowering it through advanced solutions, distinguished logistics and conclusive services.

Our Values


We at MediServ ensure our client’s and their patient’s satisfaction first. At the core of our business, we passionately aim to foster a positive experience in every stage of our clients’ journey with us.


MediServ dealings are always guided by the highest standards of the code of ethics. We value transparency, honesty, trust and fairness with our staff, suppliers, peers, and above all our clients & their patients.


We at MediServ focus on quality excellence in our staff, solutions, and services matching the quality expectations of our international partners, as well as the healthcare system of Saudi Arabia.


MediServ focuses all efforts towards and encourages innovative solutions, ideas and processes that are translated into creating value for our clients. We accomplish this with agility and efficiency to match the ever-changing healthcare arena.


We at MediServ empower our leadership teams and employees by inviting deferential thought. It is within our mandate to encourage individuality without discrimination. We seek to empower our employees to further achieve our set goals and encourage the betterment and support of our local community.


MediServ In The Future: Towards Saudi Vision 2030

MediServ is proud to be a contributor to the Saudi Vision 2030. We aim to continue growing our contribution significantly. We pride in keeping up to date with current best practices, digital transoframtion, continuous improvements and business excellence.

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